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Johnson CampThe next, the large cottage with the deep roof, was built in 1894 with large roofage and large porches by that large Burlington family of Clarence Hicks. Four of the six children were long identified with our neighborhood: Stacey was Postmaster of North Ferrisburgh after his experiences in World War I, Marion also in North Ferrisburgh just over the Charlotte line on what the town has just named Hicks Road, Albert recently in Massachusetts but with a cottage of his own where the motorboats roam at Long Point; and of course George at the new Sample-Hicks cottage on the other bay.

Also originally of Burlington, Mrs. M. DeFalovitch bought the Hicks camp in 1946 but two years later sold it to Willard A. Nicholson of Coral Gables, Florida. During her brief tenure Mme. DeFalovitch was the unwilling hostess for one of the Point's exciting moments when the caretaker's pig got loose. After a lengthy chase the errant porker was finally cornered on the front porch of the home of the very proper matron.

The Nicholson's brought a Florida influence to the Point when their children introduced water skiing to the youth of the community. Refinishing and refurbishing the camp, the Nicholsons also made substantial additions. Title eventually passed to Herndon Rowe, a stepson of Willard Nicholson, who in turn sold the place to Lawrence and Kathleen Snodden, then of London, England, in 1991.

The camp was bought from the Snoddens in 1994 by Jim and Carol Johnson of Mendham, New Jersey. In 1996 they replaced the ancient wiring throughout the camp and built a small bike shed by the driveway.


Johnson Camp