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Town of Charlotte By-laws

Thompson’s Point is now managed within the Town of Charlotte Shoreland District and Shoreland Seasonal Home Management District (Sections 2.6 and 2.7) “Land Use Regulations, of March 7, 2006” The purposes of the Shoreland District are:
(a) to protect the scenic beauty, environmental qualities and recreational opportunities of Lake Champlain and its shoreline, as viewed from both the lakeshore and the water, (b) to minimize runoff pollution and maintain bank stability by maintaining a vegetated buffer within 100 feet of the shoreline, and (c) to allow residential and limited commercial development that is consistent with these aims and is compatible with the rural character of the town.

The purposes of the Shoreland Seasonal Home Management District are:
(a) to protect and preserve, for seasonal residential use only, those areas of Thompson’s Point that have been historically developed for seasonal residential use and have remained essentially unchanged over the years; (b) to protect the unique historic and physical character of these areas; (c) to protect the scenic beauty of the shore land and lake, as viewed from the lakeshore and the water; (d) to protect the environmental quality of the area and the lake, and (e) to allow for development which does not adversely affect the town’s natural and scenic resources or properties and uses in the vicinity, and is compatible with the rural character of the town.

In addition section 2.7.F.4 states that existing native woody vegetation between the shoreline and a structure shall be preserved and maintained. No existing or proposed use or activity shall result in soil erosion or adversely impact designated wildlife habitat areas. All trees on leased lots are owned by the Town, and permission from the Tree Warden shall be required for cutting or pruning within this district. Dead or storm damaged trees shall not be cut unless they are determined by the Tree Warden to be a hazard to structures or to public safety.

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