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Ansley CampIn 1894 E.E. Clarkson, outstanding merchant and bank president of Burlington, leased the lot next door but did not build for two years. In 1897 the cottage was transferred to Mrs. Mark K. Paine of Windsor, Vermont, and A.N. Ogilvie. It was long known as the Paine cottage, even though Mrs. Paine bequeathed her share to Andrew Ogilvie in 1905 and he turned it over to Mrs. Delia M. Miller and Miss Emma Lanou, sisters of Alvaro Adsit whom we shall meet later.

From 1924 this cottage was in the possession of the genial, late Archie B. Rugg of Essex Junction. Following his death, Mrs. Rugg in 1959 sold to Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Crane of Burlington, the later the former Elias Woodbury - of whom also we shall hear later - who, following her husband's death still summered here with many visits from her children and her children's children. Frances and Edward V. Crane bought the camp from his mother in 1982.

In 1996 Nancy and Norman Ansley of Severna Park, Maryland, long-time renters (27 summers in 14 different camps) became permanent Pointers with the purchase of the cottage. Nancy first came to the Point in 1939 when her family frequently visited the Blanchards at the cottage now owned by the Bacons.

Norm, a dedicated bibliophile, donated a collection of books that he squeezed into every nook and cranny of the clubhouse in the early 1980's. He established the library on a "borrow one, bring one' basis, and it works!

Recently he has embarked on a serious search for the Point's namesake, but as of this writing, he has been unable to pinpoint that man "Thompson". However, he will carry on his endeavor and would be interested in clues from anyone.

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