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Bradley Stoddard CampArthur Crane of Burlington in 1899 built the next nice cottage in the depths of the bay of boats, and his family summered here until it was sold to Maude R. Williams and Mary R. Falby of Charlotte in 1907. It was then purchased in 1911 by W.W. Sample of Brooklyn, New York. It was occupied by his family for many years, and by Mrs. George Hicks, the Sample's daughter, and her husband until it was burned in 1943. After the close of World War II, when materials and labor again became available, Mrs. Hicks built again on that lot and summered here and wintered in Florida until her death in the 1970's.

The cottage passed on to her son, Dr. William Hicks of Columbia, South Carolina, and Anna Mae Hicks, whose presence greatly enlivened Club Suppers, Tennis Wednesdays, and other social events.

In 1994 the cottage was purchased by Gracey Luckett Bradley and her daughter Frances Stoddard.

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Bradley Stoddard