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Bacon CampDuring 1913 Mr. Grant Jackman leased the first lot on the high bank at the edge of the pine grove at the head of Button Bay. By the next year his cottage was up. This was the first cottage on the Point to have a cellar. In 1930 he sold to Josephine Ready, who sold in 1933 to T. Arnold Haigh of Burlington, who in turn sold to E.A. and Frances Blanchard in 1937

In 1954 George and Edith Mascott, former residents of Burlington who later returned to the area, purchased the cottage after renting at both Simsons' and Carrolls'. They rehabilitated the house, adding facilities, putting pine paneling in the enlarged living room, and decking the improved lawn with flowers. Their sons, Ted and Chuck, were active on the lake and the tennis courts before moving on to careers in pharmaceuticals and insurance respectively.

George Mascott sold the cottage in December, 1983, to Jason and Nina Bacon who were at the time based in London, England, but who now line in New Haven, VT.

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