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Bicknell CampIn 1912 Carrie Prindle took the last lot at the end of the water line, built, and then sold to Leroy S. Morse in 1915. After his death his heir, Pearl Morse Shafer of Jeffersonville, VT, inherited. Mrs. Rachel Skinner Bicknell purchased the lease and cottage in 1941. Her husband was principal of the Barton Academy in Orleans County and was also very prominent and highly respected in educational circles elsewhere about the state and at the University.

George Bicknell died in 1978, and Rachel deeded the camp to her descendants Donald and Ann Bicknell (Hodgman), with all three names being on the deed. After Rachel's death in 1992, Donald, one of the last of the old-style family physicians in Vergennes, inherited the camp, and he added to the deed the names of his children: David, Timothy, Peter, Paul, and Ann Bicknell Poskas. The camp has recently undergone significant renovations.

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