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Kalkin CampAlso in 1896 there had been built next door to the main Barton cottage, a hostelry variously called the Hotel Charlotte and the Glenwood Inn, with, Higbee said, "broad piazzas and a magnificent outlook" across at the Adirondacks. During the years of our independent mail service in the first decades of the century, a corner room here held a summer post office and a candy showcase. Here campers and campers' kids gathered twice a day waiting for the mail to arrive and be sorted. Mr. Van Bomel took this building over, tore off its porches, moved it northwards, used the ground floor for a garage and fixed living quarters upstairs. Mr. Davis and the Bartons continued to maintain this as a rental cottage.

In January of 1997 that portion of "Lookout Lodge, Ltd." holdings was sold to Adam Kalkin and Adele O'Brian of Bernardsville, NJ. In 2012 Adam Kalkin sold the house to Betsy (Gilroy) and Joop Van Duren. The former Hotel Charlotte and Glenwood Inn has since undergone extensive renovations.

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