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Neily CampHaving leased his lot two years earlier, Mr. Guy Norton built on the next property in 1913. His cottage was sold to UVM Professor Charles E. Braun in 1936. A chemist of considerable renown, he contributed much to scientific periodicals and to the University where he chaired the chemistry department for many years and served as the institution's first Dean of the Graduate Collage. During World War II he served in the Chemical Development Division of the U.S. Army where he developed a filtration system for gas masks and a field gas detection kit for use by troops in the front lines. He also worked on the refinement of napalm and flame throwers. After the war he monitored Thompson's Point water system to insure that it met state purity standards.

His son Carl, the present owner, pursued careers in education and journalism. his success in rifle marksmanship took him to the top echelons of national competition; he represented Vermont on state teams at several national championships, and was invited to try out for the Olympic and Pan American Game teams. Since his retirement he continues to write a weekly newspaper column and to work at his interests in Vermont/Civil War history and antique firearms collecting.

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