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Outwater CampIn 1907 Dr. J.H. Blodgett of Bellows Falls put up the next place. he transferred it in 1910 to Arthur Lincoln Davis of Mount Vernon, NY, who occupied it for many years. After his death Mrs. Davis sold to Sidney and Eleanor Falby of Charlotte. This was in 1943. The cottage was sold again in 1959 to John O. Outwater, a former New Yorker who was a professor at the University of Vermont; he expanded the grounds and the outbuildings, and has adorned the waters of the bay with his sailboat.

Adjacent to the Outwaters' there was for long an empty lot. In 1901 it was transferred from Thomas Thompson by a quit-claim to Harris P. Prindle. In 1904 the property skidded into the hands of Cyrus P. VanVliet, to a John Whalen, and again to VanVliet, all before mid-July. In 1915 it went temporarily to John Lucier, and then to the caretaker, who transferred it to A.L. Davis who agreed to remove all buildings by mid-summer. Mr. Davis then merged the site with what is now the Outwater place, and is named "Pebble Beach".

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