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Simpson CampAlthough jointly held by Jeffery C. Simpson, Janet Brown Kuehne, and Diana Brown Sheridan, the cottage which occupies the small point of land innermost in the bay has long been known as the Simpson place.

After coming here for years to "camp" in tents, Leonard Andrews of Hinesburg built a cottage in 1887 situated to afford a wide view of the lake and the distant Adirondack Mountains. This cottage remained in the Andrews family until 1926 when it was purchased by Mrs. Anita Lawrence Simpson. As a teacher of Spanish at Yonkers High School in New York at the time of the purchase, she named the cottage "La Casita", the name which still adorns a sign next to the path and road. She undertook major alterations, enlarging the original house and converting a former boathouse and icehouse to additional bedroom cabins. One of these cabins has served as an author's retreat in which portions of books by three members of her family have been written. The cottage remains in her family, having passed from her children, Beatrice Brown and Robert Simpson to three of her grandchildren.

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